Was the Sacrifice Worthy of the Benefactor?

As we start this weekend of gatherings and cook outs, let us remember this is not a weekend of celebration, but a time of remembrance. Ask of ourselves these question, is the world we now live in worthy of the sacrifices given to protect it? As we now loom closer to tyranny and socialism, have we dishonored the sacrifices of those who died to give us Freedom? Have we fulfilled the dreams they had and the ideals they fought for? If the answer is no, then the sacrifice was for naught! Take the time to reflect on what we have become versus what we are expected to be. Let us not cower and hide like mice from a cat! Let us honor the sacrifices of so many Citizens who sacrificed all they had for freedom by standing up, resolving to not stand idly by and allow evil and tyranny to prevail!

What is to come….

What is to come, freedom, tyranny? What will your grandchildren and children say about the devastation to our country? If we continue to allow the few people who seek control to obtain it, what will they say? When all the patriots have been jailed and the sheepdogs buried in the fields, will they celebrate or mourn the loss of such rugged and righteous men? When the freedom is gone, will they mourn or through a deliberate ideological change cheer? I thought the world I knew would provide for anyone who worked hard and was just and upright, seems I was wrong. What is to come? I hope for a return of freedom, a safe and secure world for all who strive to succeed. I fear these hopes are lost to history. We stand at a precipice, the before it stretches a place void of freedom and filled with tyranny.

Be Aware Be Prepared and if necessary Be Dangerous!


We hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness—-That to secure these Rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just Powers from the Consent of the Governed, that whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these Ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its Foundation on such Principles, and organizing its Powers in such Form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient Causes; and accordingly all Experience hath shewn, that Mankind are more disposed to suffer, while Evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the Forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long Train of Abuses and Usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object, evinces a Design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their Right, it is their Duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future Security. Declaration of Independence July 4,1776

My how we have fallen. The demise of the desire to be free is apparent. Where did we fail, how have we allowed ourselves to forget from which we come? How have we turned our backs on our system of individual independence? The answer is complacency. We have allowed the weakest among us to bully us into submission. We allow the so called representatives to rule over us as if appointed by deity! The men who wrote these words of freedom allowed no one to sway them from the path! They as representatives of the citizens of their colony, spoke with authority and demanded freedom. We speak meekly of the oppression,and scurry as rats before the broom, when confronted with the idea of being free. Loud as thunderclaps within our homes or a private gathering, we speak of the wrongdoings, the perversion and erosion of our rights. Evil has proceeded as we stand idly by and cower in fear of a totalitarian overreaching entity that was created by us for us. This Frankenstein, rages through our villages wreaking havoc and yet we stand and watch through the phone as our fellow citizens suffer. When will we demand an account, a decisive action to restore our rights. To reign in the monster we created, bring it back under our control. I fear that we have allowed the mutation of the monster and it now controls us. I fear for the generations to follow, they may never taste the sweetness of freedom, only the bitter taste of oppression and compliance. I miss America, the dream it was, the land of the free and home of the brave. I despise what it is now, the land of the mob and the home of the compliant.


As we approach the celebration of the American Independence, I can’t help but take a moment to say the sacrifice appears for naught. We have been stripped of our most basic rights. We have but three boxes, the Soap box the ability to air our grievances in the public square, the ballot box where we decide who should represent our ideals and welfare, the Cartridge box where we stand firm against tyranny. Let’s start with the first, large corporate media and the conglomerate of social media have stripped us of our voice. We no longer are allowed; through the medium of the times social media, to express an idea of dissent, or call out the incompetence of our elected representation. We must comply with the message the ruling class decides. This is not American. The ballot box, has been stripped and nullified by a party that will do anything to maintain power and control. The final box; the cartridge box, The rifle, long revered in the American home, is now vilified as the cause for the violence in America. This is done not to make us safer but to remove the last encumbrance to total tyranny. It appears that like our forefathers we must once again stand against tyranny with the only option we have left. This is the least wanted option. Not one American wants to resort to the last box to resolve our grievances. We want to once again be able to make our voices heard on the soapbox, the ballot box and never the cartridge box. We want the restoration of the Constitution and have our voices heard, our representatives to be held accountable and our votes to matter. Stand strong and continue to express our grievances to our representatives without censorship or fear of reprisal from an overreaching judiciary. Let us once again be Free and Independent of the tyranny of government. Let us be Independent Free Americans, Who standing for the rights of the individual; must be unencumbered by the bureaucratic overreach and live as a rugged free individual. We the People must once again stand against tyranny and show the world what it means to be Americans, Land of the Free and Home of the Brave.

Freedom In Language

I was born in a swamp. Our home was in a place surrounded by water. Bridges and ditches, swamp and tidal flats surrounded us. I spent a lifetime on the water. We swam in the Ocean and the rivers, we survived from the Blue Crab and the Croaker. It was a good time with family. I was given the gift of reading from my Mother, she read to me everyday from the moment I was born till I started school. I found freedom and adventure in the pages of books. Before I started school, I would sit in my Grandfathers lap and read the newspaper articles to him. He enjoyed it very much. When I was nine years old I met a friend of my family. He worked as a Ocean Geographer for the Navy. He was a very interesting and intelligent man. He was fascinated by my ability to speak so effortlessly as a child. He tasked me with reading my first Novel. Chesapeake by James Michener opened my eyes to the world I lived in. The bays, rivers and wildlife of the Chesapeake lived right outside my door. It opened my eyes to the fact that these islands I lived on were really a prison. As I grew I read about places and people so far away. I began to dream of places I wanted to see. Yet trapped in a world of mediocrity and limited opportunity I saw no escape. Then came the mountains. 12 years old standing on my first peak in the Blue Ridge mountains, I felt free of the salt marsh and swamp. Cold clean air and blue skies as far as you could see. This began my journey. I have been all over America and stood on a lot of mountains. Every time I am there I feel freedom. This freedom was planted in my mind as a boy with a book. The language painted a picture of beauty and freedom. When you reach a place and the words reflect what the eye can see it is an amazing experience. Language is used to promote ideas, inspire dreams. Only through the free expression of language can small children trapped on an island escape and reach the tops of mountains. Let us promote the freedom of language. Let us continue to inspire and free the minds of the wanderer!

The war for our identity

It seems that being an individual and having a unique identity has gone the way of the mammoth. The right to be an outsider, a separate entity is being slowly stripped away. The media, both social and news, parrot the same ideas and methodology. Be this, love that, or be considered an extremist. Do what we say, stand in line turn left when you hear the bell. This is not who we are. We are a free and independent people. If we believe the line is necessary we will stand in it. If we feel the line is without merit we won’t. As a person, who given free will; chooses to accept something, it does not mean it is right or wrong. The idea may stir emotion or may just be of no interest. Why do I as a free man born in a free country have to comply with every whim, idea or identity you assign me? We are losing our youth, our individualism and our country. We are at war with an ideology that cannot allow individual identity. They desire automatons that mold themselves to the ideas the system creates. Everyone sing the same song, read the same books and espouse that you no longer matter. Be a marionette and allow your identity to be destroyed or be a an individual with your own identity and be called an extremist. The choice is yours cower in fear of isolation or embrace it and retain your identity. The choice is yours.

2021 in Review a Synopsis

A year ago a peaceful transition of power took place. An election was held and certified by the representatives of the citizens of this country. Covid still loomed like a vulture waiting for the final breath. To some it was a problem to others an opportunity. Those now in power played down the efficacy of the vaccines prior to obtaining control. Almost immediately those now in control began the pressure to obey and conform to the will of the government. This year has been about control. Control of a virus and control of a population. The promises of unity and efficiency where discarded almost immediately upon obtaining power. The divisiveness of vaccinated against unvaccinated began. Edicts and executive orders flowed. The citizen was required to vax up and mask up while record numbers of illegals poured across our border. Jobs were lost, pipelines shutdown while more and more money was given to those unable or unwilling to work. Record inflation, record energy cost. More mandates from Mayors and Governors seeking to punish the citizens they supposedly represent. Less energy and fewer workers meant less productivity and higher prices. The basics began to slowly dwindle. A major pipeline is hacked and fuel supplies dwindle along the eastern seaboard, adding to the supply chain issues. A new variant appears, the vaccinated and unvaccinated alike are stricken with the virus. What about the vaccine efficacy? More mandates more boosters, more threats to workers who fail to comply. Now it starts to become a problem. Less productivity, more restrictions on the supply chain. Now we need energy and employees to try and catch up. Rather than go to our own energy sector we got to opec and Russia. Again a new variant, even more threats and mandates and promises of restrictions. Get the jab and a booster or be excommunicated from society. Thanksgiving arrives and the head shed says if we all behave we can gather together at thanksgiving. Supply chain is grinding to a halt as we approach Christmas, same speech as has been regurgitated all year! This country out of fear and idleness has succumbed to tyranny without a whimper. The media and social pressure has divided families, friends and our nation to the brink of failure. We now speak of injections into children 5 years old and older. We have been subjugated by the socialist to believe only they can solve all the problems. It has been one Hell of a year and I look forward to its demise. Let’s hope that all the sorrow and death of the past 2 years is behind us. Let us hope that our Republic can rise from the ashes of unnecessary collapse. My wish is for a return to normalcy and restoration of our free will and freedom. Happy New Year! May the next 12 months not be a continuing saga of oppression and sacrifice at the hands of our own elected representatives.

Division Amongst the Subjugated

So I engage rarely with any form of media. The left is biased as is the right. However an article was sent to me that contained a few pieces of information. As I am unwilling to promote chaos I will not be disseminating the content. The goal of the government is to gain total control of the people and resources of this country. It is my opinion that the mandates and regulations imposed during the pandemic were merely a conditioning. The corrupt officials found a way to turn neighbor against neighbor and brother against brother. These policies placed a division within the population. Beyond the overly emphasized race, sex, and gender divides, these policies placed a barrier of implied safety. By instilling fear and anxiety amongst the subjects they created yet another divisive class. The free and independent American against the groveling and manipulated class. The free independent individual is terrifying to the bureaucrat. Failure to fall in line and not ask questions forces them to provide data and answers for questions and facts. The article I was sent suggested that there will be an uprising of individuals who question the current mantra of stand in line, look straight ahead and do what your told. This is done to create further distrust of the rugged individualism that is America. The subjects that follow along and ride in cars alone with a mask, will now be looking for a reason to report those who dare stand up to the societal norms. Going deer hunting, becomes my neighbor left the house in camouflage with a gun, to the local see something say something number. Be mindful of what you say and do as there are those among us who fear having nothing to fear. The dependency on the nanny state drives these individuals to ensure its survival at the loss of their own freedom. Let us not be led astray from the path of Freedom, let us not betray our beliefs and way of life. Let us not fall into the trap of provocation. Be aware and stay informed! They intend to divide us as we can only be conquered from within!!


Today finds me in a recollective state of mind. As I am sitting outside watching my dog Gunny play with a stick and roll in the sunshine on a cold afternoon, I find myself reflecting on what is lost. We have been given a choice. Think for yourself or succumb to the collective. The most precious gift given to the human being is free thought and expression. We have the ability to create and learn whatever we want or can imagine. In today’s world the mob of wokeness wants no part of that. In today’s world you are not supposed to think any idea outside of the collective mob. No expression of art, literature or ideas that conflict with a totalitarian agenda. I write lyrics, poems that may be of no value to anyone but me. It is a cathartic action that allows me to express my thoughts, demons and ideas. In today’s world we have been censored, maligned and persecuted for expressing any information or idea outside the propaganda of the mob. Why have we allowed this to happen? What value is there in eliminating a dissenting voice? Feelings? Emotional response? This is not a valid reason! The fact that an idea creates a feeling or emotion is the intent of the expression. The desire to prove or invalidate the idea is why we express them. Are there ideas that I disagree with? Absolutely. However rather than silence the voice I research and find if it is valid. I accept that your view is different from mine; and if it is a good enough topic, we can discuss it over a fine cigar and proper bourbon. We may not disagree but the dialogue will allow us to walk away either more knowledgeable of a subject or agreeing to disagree. Let’s bring back the free thinkers, the manipulation of words and ideas. Let’s allow us to return to the days of true freedom in our thoughts, expressions and decisions. Let us become a free nation once more unencumbered by the need for acceptance by the mob who limp along like sheep to shearing shed!


American, what does this mean? The American is not based on a geographical location nor political viewpoint. The American is an idea. As Americans we are unified by our independent individualism. We unite to protect our free thought, expression and independence. We do not need to be part of the overall majority. Only willing to defend each individuals right to be free. America is not the land of the many, it is the home of the free. The idea of societal compliance with a single mindset is ridiculous to the American. We stand not for your ideas but the ability to have them and express them. The American is becoming a rare breed, free thought and independent living are now demonized by the insinuation of democracy. We are not a group think nation. We are a Republic of free people who only want to be left alone. We are not a mob and wish not to be forced to succumb to group think. Long live the rugged individualist, long live the dying breed of Americans!