So it ends, not with a bang but with a snowflake.

It appears that we have reached the end of normalcy. The age of reason and common sense has perished without so much as sob. We no longer apply logic or intellect to our decisions we now turn to the checklist. We ensure that each psychological disorder is represented in our workplace, military and places of worship. Is the individual qualified? No worries they identify as an eggplant and we need one in the roster! Well that job is for an EOD Tech. The eggplant will be fine! While these statements are hyperbolic and sound insane, deep down is a small grain of truth. We, in order to prevent being ostracized as racist, bigot homophobes ; have allowed this mandatory acceptance of abnormal behavior to embed itself into our culture. I have no issue what you identify as or practice in your space and free time. If you are a qualified eggplant then welcome aboard. If you are a Human Resources nightmare and simply checking a box, I see no need in engaging you in conversation. Let’s bring back logic and intellect to our society and make sure people are qualified for the job and not just satisfying a check box on the list! Someone is going to suffer for this mandated acceptances sure hope it is no one you love!

Humbling of the Sheepdog

I have scars from bullets and knives. I have Broken bones and learned to walk again at 25 due to a broken back. None of these compare to the pain I am in now. While working a wasp flew from his lair and maliciously and with intent stung me on the side of my nose. This small minuscule insect sent the Sheepdog to his knees. Beware of what you underestimate, small unnoticed hazards exist and the consequences can be brutal!!