As I begin this soliloquy of my perceptions and meandering thoughts, I realize that within the written word is art. A writer can paint a picture with words. The beauty is, that each individual will see the picture in a different way. The prejudices and emotion of the reader will determine the finished project. Some find joy others rage in the words of the writer. While they impart the same into the words they write. While listening to my favorite lyricist today I realized that more than the music the lyrics matter. Today very few take the time to use language to convey an emotional response. Most, today, are relying on pre made music and a popular rhythm to sell the music. Blending well thought out poignant speech with music, satisfies the soul. I was fortunate.I was allowed to read and explore through books the entire world. In these pages I found language. The ability to convey a message and instill emotion to my audience is a gift. This gift has allowed me to converse and debate far superior minds than mine. Though few have seen, I emoted many a pen into pages! Let us hope that someday the eloquence of proper language is restored, and the learned can be a beacon of hope for the ignorant. Let us hope that the logical rhetoric of the orator can once again resound in the halls and pages. Let the artist write and through his language inspire, amaze, and free the minds of those willing to see the vision of language!

New Year, what have you prepped today…

So two weeks of the new year have expired. The gyms will be slowing down, the resolutions a distant alcohol infused memory. We as people engaged in preparedness should have the single resolution, to be prepared. So the question is what have you done in these first two weeks to be better prepared? I was off for two weeks around Christmas and New Years. I put out the offer to be available for training. Any topic at your time, 5 people took me up on the offer. If you want to learn, to improve you must first change your mindset. Be involved in your own survival! Take proactive steps to improve or educate someone else to make your situation better. Everyone wants to be prepared few want to do the work!! Be safe, Be aware and if necessary be dangerous!

Time, a Gift of Finite Availability

Time, we have but what is granted to us by our maker. Life is a gift of finite time. How we use the time we have is our choice. Some dedicate the time to decadence, Some to teaching and promoting knowledge. The teacher gives freely of their time, guiding others to a better understanding of the world. Time is a gift and sacrificing your allowance of time to give to others should be seized by the learner. As I have some free time this Christmas season I am giving my time to others. The experience of teaching is my reward. So far every opportunity has been seized and we are spreading knowledge to those willing to take part. This is an excellent use of my time, helping others who are willing to step away from a hectic life to learn. Time is precious spend it wisely as only the Creator knows the day. Gain knowledge and share it with those who seek it. A Wise Man Knows What he Doesn’t Know! A true wise man seeks knowledge from the teacher, both reaping a reward, one is educated and the other is given the opportunity to share. Be Prepaed, Be aware and if necessary be dangerous!

Rest and Relaxation

As this year of difficulty winds down to its conclusion, I take some time to revive myself physically and mentally. Next year will be a busy time as we start a training program, some additional training for some small groups and possibly launching a business. We look forward to putting this past year behind us with a relentless grind and physical injury! It takes a few days to unplug and become disconnected from my job. As we release the stress of work, we begin to focus on building the final phase of the training regimen for next year. Take some time to relax and unwind, but never lose focus on the process of being prepared. Focus on small goals you can accomplish during these slower times. Use the free time to unplug from the tv, and accomplish something for your well being. Be Aware, Be Prepared and if necessary be Dangerous!

Buddy Check

A little late on this one! Tomorrow is the Fourth of July. If you know someone who may be suffering with some issues, reach out! The fireworks and festival of celebration can be a trigger for some. So if you are having a picnic or family outing make a call, send a text. Make them at least feel that they are not alone. Also remember our 4 legged buddies! The fireworks are a stressor for them as well. Check on your buddies it may save a life!!


Today I was discussing online about the current situation in America. As we see the downward spiral from sanity and morality, I see hard times for the delusional followers of the mob. These people who believe in and are dependent on the elected class to provide their every need will soon see the effects of blindly following along. As goods and services spike in cost, and some become unavailable, who will they turn to. The elected representatives care not for your suffering. These people without resources or means will seek their fortune at your expense. As people get hungry they will turn to those with food for support. When they meet resistance, violence will ensue. We need to take a step back and look around our environment. The elect are trying everything they have to silence, shame and disarm the resistance. Why? The reason is to ensure compliance through suffering. As the base of the elect start terrorizing the general population, they want them as meek as sheep at the shearing house. If you fight back, your a racist. If you speak out you are a racist. If you redress your grievances with the elect, yep your are a racist. These people are starving American born babies to provide for the non citizen. I see a future rife with conflict. Rhetoric and physical violence will soon be the norm as neighbor turns on neighbor for the basics of everyday life. Be aware and prepare yourself now. The objective of the current elect is to change America. I fear they have succeeded and the change is for the worse. This will get worse before it gets better. Find some people and bond now as time is slipping away to get ready. Be Safe, Be Aware and take a personal SitRep.

Long Days and Hard Times

Another tough week behind me! Many miles behind a windshield, with moments of labor in between. I have traveled to Northern VA, Eastern NC from my home. Day trips to distant destinations. While tiring, I get to see the effects of the current situation. Supply chain issues are real! Limited stock is everywhere. Simple things you take for granted can’t be found. Necessities are now starting to become scarce as well. Long days afford me the opportunity to see beyond my domain and gain a clarified view of the situation that is developing. If you need it you better get it. A long hard day of labor is even longer if you are hungry. Take a ride outside of your domain and see what is really happening to our Home!

I Want To

I want to be prepared. I want to be safe. I want to ensure the survival of my family. I want these things at no cost. No expenditure of thought, money or effort. I want to be ready and able. These are the things I hear.

If you want to, then do! The greatest obstacle to satisfying the want to is the response of “This is to hard”. To say I did it, to be able to go from I want to, to I did it; is the expenditure of thought, monetary outlay and physical exertion.

If you want to? If you really want to, you will.


Always be Prepared! It is the Boy Scouts Motto. I have stood at attention since I was 11 and swore to uphold this motto. Prepared means that no matter the situation you are ready. This requires a mindset of vigilance and attention to detail. If your life may depend on it, you better take it seriously. I have tried to be diligent in my attention to my preparedness. It is a lifestyle. How can I be constantly prepared if I do not constantly prepare? So if you chose to be prepared your lifestyle must reflect the discipline of preparation. Take advantage of every opportunity to learn, practice, and develop the skills to be prepared. Take these opportunities to push the envelope and step out of your comfort zone. If you have a plan, good for you! Mike Tyson said “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face.” Take your gear outside and push it beyond it rating. Go and see how it works in the cold, heat, rain and snow. If it fails upgrade and replace. If you have a plan for your home, test it. You don’t want to find out in the Hurricane that your water filter is insufficient for your needs. Or that the place you stored your storm gear is now underwater. Push yourself to constantly develop a mindset that everyday is a good day to be prepared. Always Be Prepared! A Motto to live by and be proud of!

Weak Men Hard Times

I am watching a intelligence report on the Russian aggression in Ukraine. It appears our weak administration is going to sit idly by and let evil rule the day. We have capitulated in Afghanistan, the Russians seeing blood in the water have decided to strike. The history of abuse by the Russians against the Ukrainian people is long and horrific. The current administration, to appease the far left socialist minority has decided to let it happen again. They say that Hard times make hard men and easy times make weak men. We have lived in the most free and prosperous country in history. Our so called poor are obese, lazy and thanks to the Department of Education illiterate. They live off of the backs of the corporation and working men and women, voting for the free meals and cell phones. Weak men and women with no drive to improve or succeed. If we allow Russia to impose its will on the Ukrainian people where will it end? We have accused the prior administration of being a co-conspirator with Putin. The first item of the agenda was removing sanctions from Russia to build a pipeline to Europe while simultaneously crippling our own energy sector. I fear the worse for the Ukrainian people. I fear even more for the Americans as once you show weakness to the Russians they will push until they break you. I learned a couple of things in the 90’s the most important one was that you don’t mess with the Russians. Russians are vindictive and a strong proud people. They will take advantage of any weakness to gain an edge. We are in serious trouble if the weak men and women in charge worry more about power than the success and freedom of the this Country. Say a prayer for Ukraine, their fall could be the beginning of a the end for this Great Nation!