Winters Fury

Some claim, there is purity in the rain. Others enjoy the summer and the suns burning rays. Autumn a time of reflection and rest. Winter arrives no time to play, cold, dark and formidable. And then there is snow. The silence of a snow wrapped woods.
The stillness of frozen droplet suspended from a limb. The clean slate before you like a new canvas waiting to bring forth art. The world is still wrapped in quiet and calm. As the sun rises onto a snow covered landscape it show the contours of the land. Shadows cast from the trees above paint a mosaic unobstructed by foliage and rocks. Dark shadow on a pure sheet. The world in black and white. The crunch of a deer plodding from the woods, the sound of water, the free river under the ice. Life continues blanketed in pure silence. Ice produces a light show on the blank palate below as the sun is refracted through the clear pure lens of natural wonder. Many a wonder to behold during the perfect snow. The best of these is calm and quiet, peace as the world rest through winter for the rebirth of the spring. If you have the opportunity to experience high country winter, to see snow as far as you can see, to stand in awe at the beauty of a snow covered mountain, take it! Here’s to calm and quiet, a blanket of silence around. Here’s to moonlight on a snow drift and cold clear sky above! Here’s to winters fury the time of year I love!!

An End is not the pre cursor to a beginning!

Unless you are one of those people who read the last page of a book first, the end is not the beginning. As this year ends, it does not show the promise of a new chapter. The constant division of the population will continue. The threats to your livelihoods, freedom and individualism will continue. The ever increasing cost and limited availability of common goods will worsen. There may be a new year new me, however there will be a new calendar page with the same storyline. The subjugation will continue and the story will advance at the same plodding pace as 2021. Embrace the constant assault of your rights and the divisiveness of the woke mob. Use the days before the new year to steel your nerves and prepare for the continuing misery of 2021. Happy New Year! May the new year find you stronger and better prepared for the continuing saga of a country slowly falling into a self induced decline.

Prepared or not here it comes!

A simple play of words to stress an important point. We have already seen the lack of products on the shelves. We have all begun to see the increase in cost of what is there. As the increase in cost and limited supply escalates due to the effects of inflation we will be poorer. Our money will go faster and will provide less of what we need. An interest rate increase will make land and vehicles unobtainable. If you are not prepared psychologically, physically and spiritually be ready to suffer. It will be a long cold winter as energy prices soar and reliability of infrastructure deteriorates with the lag of supply chain and labor. Hope you are ready, hard times are coming and the have nots will be looking for what you have! Ready or not here it comes!!

Words speak louder than actions

Had a rather disagreeable encounter with a self important person today. They endangered the safety and well being of myself and several others on a job site. When the mistake was brought to the attention of their boss their reaction was one of profanity and a raised voice. Rather than admit the mistake they turned to vulgar and accusatory language. In my youth this would of caused me to escalate the situation until they lost control. Now I just walk away. We should remember when dealing with irresponsible, uneducated individuals to just walk away. To not allow them through aggressive behavior to deflect from their responsibility. Demonstrate the facts and walk away. This individual is unable to perform and function in a manner that necessitates my time and energy. In today’s world; we are losing because we allow the unhinged to control the argument thereby putting us on the defensive and causing us to do and say things emotionally. Remove emotions and replace it with facts and logic. Nothing makes the idiotic look worse than by failing to engage emotionally. Never argue with a fool. From a distance no one knows which is which!

The Pain of Age

As we grow older and have more behind us than in front of us we realize that our mistakes become the problems of the children. If you are able to look at the future of the children born today and see an opportunity for freedom and success you are delusional. We have allowed our Republic to fall into the hands of tyrants. We have sold the future of the children for our own benefit. As adults we are responsible for leaving a legacy of success for the future generations in our charge. It is our responsibility to teach them that they are responsible for themselves and only they can fail or succeed on their merit. We are responsible for teaching them a just morality that will allow them to interact with all people without judgement. We are responsible for teaching them the greatness of freedom. We teach them by living a just and upright life. By being the best example of the opportunity one can achieve by being intelligent, frugal and fair in all our actions. We have nothing to show them that is not corrupted by socialism and political correctness. If we speak and live the truth, we are labeled as extremist and outside societal norms. The pain of age is realizing that you have failed the ones you were supposed to raise, the ones who were a gift for you to nurture and show the way. The path is clouded by bias and divisive talk. If we fail now all the sacrifice and bloodshed were for naught! If you have a future generation hold them close and protect them! Show them through your actions that hope is realized in freedom!

Not for me but for thee!

As the socialists scream for equity and democracy, they flit around above the mandates they inflict on the rest of us. They are acting as if the laws and mandates do not apply to them. Acting as if they are above the rest of us. That is not very equitable, that is not following the rules set forth by the mob. Why would they believe they are above reproach or question? They believe that by flitting around pronouncing their wokeness to each other that they can’t be questioned or condemned. The media treats them as if they are an elite class of citizen. This is the world we now live in. Socialism is a mental disease, the idea that all must fail so that the population will be equal is insanity. We will be equal in poverty, suffering and disease. By we I mean the non elite ruling class. The ruling class who have destroyed the intellectual, the craftsman and the free thinker, will behave as if the world is right. They will not suffer, they will not have hunger or disease. Every nation that has taken the socialist route is this way. The elites eat drink and are merry on the backs of the population. These are usually ignorant, lazy and incapable people who have grand designs and no means to accomplish anything. These are the people currently running the show we are in now. Weak, immoral and buffoonish clowns incapable of surviving outside of government or its programs. The only accomplishment; being elected by a population unable to understand the consequences. The time to stand is now! Be involved in your governance and show them that opportunity and hard work is the only path. Show these moronic clowns that the responsibility of leadership is For Me and Not for Thee! Show these inept, incompetent socialist that we the people are in charge and they are out!

Country Boy Can Survive

Hank Jr knew the truth. You can’t starve us out and can’t make us run. You can drive us into poverty and take away our ability to survive. As small town America is slowly drained of its future generations by a lack of opportunity and economic development. What fills the vacuum? Well the Democrat Party has a solution! Resettlement of illegal aliens on our dime into these small economically depressed areas, then surround the city around it with transplants from blue states. These people will continue to vote Democrat, and the illegals needing a hand out to survive will support the hand that feeds them. Then allow the remaining Citizens to be subjugated by mandates and controls of an unelected bureaucracy. We as Americans must wake up and realize we are under attack. The current administration and who ever is pulling the strings of the puppet president have no respect for you, your rights or the Constitution they swore to uphold and defend. We must be prepared and organized to withstand the continual attack of our rights and the Republic we were given. A country boy can survive if he is allowed to be free. Take away his opportunity and individualism and he is just another subject! Be aware of your community and be active in its governance!


The way of the sword, Bushido is a form of martial arts that prepare the mind and body to succeed. Training in the martial way allows for the body to react with fluidity and force. More than muscle memory, it is a mindset that your technique and methodology are perfectly in tune with your mind and body. This is a way of removing emotional reaction and using rational reactions to dictate the process. We should all strive to remove emotional responses to our debate and interaction with difficult topics. Be disciplined in your daily life and education. Move beyond the single point, be varied in your knowledge and confident in your actions and speech. Strike with fluidity of motion and confidence of action. Be a warrior of words.

Surrounded by Information

If the signers of the Declaration of Independence had access to the information of today would they have written a different document? I say not, as these men had wisdom. Instant information does not necessarily translate to wisdom. Wisdom is the accumulation of knowledge and the intellectual fortitude to ponder its worth. A wise man knows what he doesn’t know and accepts it. Today we as a people are constantly barraged with information. Because of this some people think themselves wise. While information is vital it is the smallest variable in the equation. Being able to determine with certainty the truthfulness of the information, the viability and reasoning behind its release are the greater variable. We should all strive to be wise. Take the information and research it to the criteria above. Determine whether it is hyperbolic or vitriol. If it is not accurate and purely emotionally driven it should be dismissed with facts. Let each of us find wisdom and practice our own reflection of the information we receive. Be wise and the knowledge will come. A Wise Man Knows What He Doesn’t Know!! Be safe and don’t allow the hyperbolic onslaught of information to overwhelm your common sense and logical thinking!