What is to come….

What is to come, freedom, tyranny? What will your grandchildren and children say about the devastation to our country? If we continue to allow the few people who seek control to obtain it, what will they say? When all the patriots have been jailed and the sheepdogs buried in the fields, will they celebrate or mourn the loss of such rugged and righteous men? When the freedom is gone, will they mourn or through a deliberate ideological change cheer? I thought the world I knew would provide for anyone who worked hard and was just and upright, seems I was wrong. What is to come? I hope for a return of freedom, a safe and secure world for all who strive to succeed. I fear these hopes are lost to history. We stand at a precipice, the before it stretches a place void of freedom and filled with tyranny.

Be Aware Be Prepared and if necessary Be Dangerous!

Language, the Last Bastion of the Learned Man.

The use of language is the separation of intellectual superiority from the common man. In no way am I inferring that an educated man is a learned man. Nor do I propose that the grandiose use of complicated rhetoric infers intellect. The use of language by someone who can engage in a discourse of differing opinions, bring forth an emotion or memory or describes a scene that can be visualized, is not limited to the educated. Mastery of language and understanding the ability to put forth an idea the audience can understand is an art. I admire those mere mortals who walk among us, who by simple linguistics can create a mood, an emotion or a memory. Most are not so called, educated men, or holders of Degrees, they are educated by life. Myself, I am autodidactic, self taught. Through years of reading, music and teaching, I have gained the ability to express my feelings through words. It is a gift and a curse, language is a prison to those who master it, as so few understand it. In a world, now unable to concentrate beyond a 30 second video, or 144 characters in a post, those who appreciate language must reach into the archives to seek knowledge. However, every once and awhile a poet will emerge and bring forth, however quickly and subtly, a glimmer of hope. Let us all strive to preserve and protect the speech we are losing daily. Not just the freedom to use it but the ability!

Leaders Eat Last

I do not consider myself a leader. I am more of a mentor. I was fortunate to of been raised in a time of Men. Some of my greatest influences were grunt Marines. Most were Fire Fighters, Law Enforcement or skilled laborers. What always amazed me was the confidence and authority these men carried without trying. People always seemed to ask their opinion on critical decisions. None of these men imposed their will, unless provoked. They were natural leaders. I know as a young man and being in some critical situations on Mountains and job sites, it was a comfort to everyone when they stepped up to resolve the problem. I never felt they were overbearing or harsh. They were always a guide, a solid source of information. I also noticed they were the first to work, the last to stop and whether in charge or not, they always made sure we were safe and secure. These men carried responsibility like loose change, always with them and willing to use it when needed. These men were mentors and philosophers of life. Having experienced adversity and survived had left them with little concern for minor inconveniences. It also taught them to pass on what they knew and ensure a new generation of mentors. Be the first to work, the last to leave, and always eat last! The people you influence the most, are influenced not by words but by actions.

Rest your Mind

Sunday in my home is a day of activity. To say my work week starts on Monday is a laughable statement. However, with what is happening in the world, I have taken a couple of days to unplug and rest my mind. As we no longer reside near the ocean we seek refuge beside the pool. Yesterday and today were spent seeking revitalization through sun, beer and the frivolity of the local pub. Today will be a pool day and cookout. When all of these relaxing activities are over it will be a mad dash back out on the road. Packing and preparing for a week of working away. Till this is over I am taking advantage of the rest and removal of the decline of our economy and country. Take a moment to rest your mind and seek rejuvenation in doing absolutely nothing. Even a sheepdog needs a break! Rest your mind and find a place to detach from the chaos and regain a little of yourself. As always be safe, be alert and if needed be dangerous!!

Thoughts and Moments of Clarity

As we move through our day, interacting with people, we realize everything is simple. Each person, separate from the collective radicals, wants the same thing. Most people irregardless of race, age or any of the other dividers the elite claim we prescribe to want the same things. Peace, Love and safety. Peace not in a world sense, but inner peace, having peace within one’s own mind. Love, not necessarily physical, but love from friends, family and neighbors. Acceptance of themselves as themselves. Safety, not just security, but safety in their homes, person and identity. Being allowed to live, work and live free from oppression and compulsory behavior. Safe in being human! As we slide deeper into infinite control of our words, actions and deeds, we face the fact that there will be no peace. We will be berated to comply endlessly removing the peace of living. There will be no love as friends, family and neighbors turn against each other. There will be no safety as the government increases its demands for compliance and starts to enforce control. No safety to be human, no safety in being alive. We must endeavor to ensure our rights of being a human are kept alive and not stripped by the will of the mob. Speak your mind and find peace in thoughts of freedom and moments of clarity.

The Frivolity of Youth

I have not blogged in awhile as I have been in a large amount of pain from the frivolity of youth. I had a Motto as a young man: “Better to die knowing than to live wondering!” This was the third party decision maker. When the Devil on the left and commons sense on the right differed in their opinion. This phrase was the tie breaker. Surf a Hurricane? Yep! Race a motorcycle? Yep! These two specifically and numerous other ideas have damaged my spine. Well now I know! Numerous broken vertebrae and many years of hard labor are starting to take the toll. Until last week I had no use of my arm or hand. Numb hand and pain in my back that would lay me down. So now we know. While I have been recuperating; and receiving treatment to mitigate the damage; I had time to think about what life experience has done to my body. There is a chance of paralysis, loss of motor skills in my hand and even death. While these are a grim reminder of the consequences of a life of adventure, they simply reinforce the truthfulness of the tie breaker. By never missing an experience or adventure, I have lived a life of knowing! As death is the only guarantee of living, I have lived a life without fear of death and have no remorse of the places i have been or the effects of the injuries sustained. These last few months have been difficult, but every hard day was a day closer to alleviate the pain and debilitation of a life well lived! Drink one for the frivolity of youth! It made us who we are today!!

Life as a Lesson

I had a motto in my youth. Better to die knowing than live wondering! Many an adventure was accomplished by embracing this idea. Surfed hurricanes, storms on mountains never crossed my mind to quit. As I am older now I still try and embrace the idea that fear is a interest on a debt you may not owe! Tomorrow is MRI day to try and determine the cause of my malady. Pain I have never allowed to slow me down has gripped my body. Made my right hand useless for its intended purpose. It seems unfair as you reach an age of maturity when you have knowledge and experience , your body fails and tries to convince the mind you can’t. Only by continuing to drive forward can you change your mind. Take the adversity of youth, the lack of knowledge and fear, and endeavor to persevere. Use your past experience in life. Fight the limits of whatever adversity besets you and drive forward! We will get tomorrow done and meet with a Doctor. We will dictate what path we will follow and advise the doctor what regimen we will take. Better to die knowing than live wondering! Overcome the obstacles no matter the sacrifice or pain! Use your life as a lesson and example for others! Overcome and continue to live a life worth living!! Never allow your pain to control your living!!


As the sun slowly recedes below the horizon the grey light of day fades to black. Slowly and gently the stars alight. Spreading a tapestry of wonder across the ever darkening sky. The silence of the cold dark winter night surrounds you. The stillness embraces you with a calm and quiet of peace. Where do you wonder when the light fades away? Do you seek refuge in a warm room with a book by the fire? Do you turn inward as the long winters night progresses, looking for answers in the stillness? The stillness of the night listening to the sounds of the woods and streams, a place to search for truth. Some fear the night as it is when the mind awakens. Alone in your thoughts memories and fear move about freely. I have always enjoyed the night as it made me face my demons. Alone with your mind, your thoughts can expound. Fear of unrealized dreams, fear of growing old. Fear not what goes bump in the night, real or imagined it is just a problem to solve. Fear the ghost of your own self doubt, fear the mind that replays the truth. Fear is simply interest on a debt you may not owe. Sleep tight this evening warm in your bed and find peace with the thoughts that run through your head.