Dealing with injury

So we are one day past surgery. Pain is manageable. The Dr pushing pain pills. I have chosen to not use them in my life. I have had a bunch of injuries in my life, some severe and some catastrophic. I have been buried, burned, stabbed and shot. I broke my back in 6 places and walked away. I have never taken pain meds. The loss of discernment and cognitive thought are something I am unwilling to deal with. Pain is a function of healing. Pain let’s you know that you are injured and need to slow down to prevent more. It also allows you to feel the healing process. As the pain diminishes you know you are getting better. The drugs hide the pain and give you a sense of relief. While the pain is merely a psychological signal, you can overcome pain by using the same psychological process. Pain is in the mind and the mind can overcome pain. Focus on task to make yourself well and think only positive thoughts. Pain is real but pain is weak and a strong mindset and perseverance will always overcome pain. Yesterday I was in a halo after having surgery on my cervical spine. Today I am in a brace writing a blog. I am fully aware of my surroundings and able to communicate with my caretaker and watching some educational tv. Be safe, be cautious and if necessary be dangerous.

Days of Repair

As I get closer to the surgical procedure to rectify my current physical decline, Gunny and I have taken this weekend to rest and rejuvenate. Gunny from 2 days and a night at daycare, myself from the constant grind of work. My injury has increased my pain, my work my stress. Today while waiting for the comforter to dry Gunny and I spent an hour outside, him laying with a stick to chew and I in the shade listening to the wind through the trees. These days of relaxation and spending time with Gunny have been a respite from the stress of impending surgery and the grind of work. Gunny has again been a faithful companion and has not left my side. Gunny knows, with the omnipotent psyche of dogs, that I am hurt. He while rolling in the grass would stop to make sure I was ok. As we sat in the shade of the forest, each lost in our thoughts, his were on me. Gunny is a good companion and his friendship is resolute. He ask only for a pat on the head, a bowl of food and the time to lay in the grass and chew a stick. For these small demands I am given a companion, who without thought for his well being would sacrifice his for mine. As the wind blows through the trees, the infinity of the world is brought into focus. The immensity of the physical ailment is carried away on the wind, while close by the most noble creature on earth raises his head to listen, smell and scan to ensure my safety. Thanks Gunny for keeping me sane and grounded as we work towards a resolution of my injuries. When God saw man was in need of saving, he first sent the Dog, then his Son.

Memorial Day

 Weep not for the warrior, he chose his path!
Weep with his family so that his memory will last forever!!

We sleep peacefully in our beds at night because rough men stand ready to do violence on our behalf. These men and women face the wolf, sometimes with dire consequences. We can honor their memory by standing against the wolves and keeping their sacrifice alive!

Till Valhalla Sheepdogs! We have the watch!

Buddy Check!!

As we prepare for the kick off of summer, let us not forget the true meaning of this holiday weekend! This upcoming holiday is a moment of reflection for us, the beneficiaries of someone else’s sacrifice. Why honoring the fallen don’t forget the survivors. If you know of someone struggling, alone and down, pick up a phone and send them an invitation to spend some time with your family and friends! The invitation alone may save a life! Honor the fallen, but never forget the survivors!

We Sleep peacefully in our beds because rough men stand ready to do violence on our behalf!! Be a buddy and check in on the sheepdogs!

Sheepdogs? Now more than ever!

There is a conflict coming. A battle for the will of a country. This will be both a psychological battle and an opportunity for violence to instill fear. We must all stand firm and defend the weak, ourselves and the institution of Freedom. Be a positive role model for those around you. Be vigilant in your surroundings. My family practices the 3 A’s. Attentive, Alert and Alive. If you must go into crowds and public space be aware of your surroundings and the responses of those around you. Be willing and of the mindset to protect those around you and yourself. We will see an escalation of these terrorist tactics to strip us of our freedom and rights. Be aware, be safe and should the need arise be dangerous! As sheepdogs we sit idly by till the wolf attacks, we know he is there circling the weak. Only when he shows his intentions do we react. It more important now than ever to be prepared and competent to protect those in your flock, be a sheepdog!

Talk To Me a Moment

Talk to me a moment when you see that my eyes are dead

Talk to me a moment when you see the scars and damage where I bled

Talk to me a moment if you care to understand my past

Talk to me a moment when you have heard a breath and known it was the last

Talk to me a moment when you gave all you had to give

Talk to me a moment when your life is for the fallen so their memory might live

Talk to me a moment when you know the blood and treasure was spent for naught

Talk to me a moment when you realize my sacrifice was lost

I wrote this after speaking to a lifetime friend. A kind man of the martial way. This man did 3 Tours in Vietnam as a United States Marine. He spoke rarely of his experiences. As he aged you could see the weight of the conflict he endured. Not the combat, the conflict of lost friends and forgotten sacrifice. The conflict of being a Marine, doing his job, and then being forgotten. The fact is we now have another 20 year war behind us with a new batch of Military experiencing the same feelings. We should always take a moment to talk. You never know how deep into that tunnel they have crawled, and a kind moment may show that the light at the end is not a train. Semper Fi my friend and welcome home!


As Russia continues its unprovoked attack on Ukraine, the neighboring countries and NATO sit idly by. Imagine watching someone kick in you neighbors door and start killing them, and you do nothing. You stand and watch as the people you know are slaughtered and like a sheep to the slaughter you just stand there. How did this happen? How did we become a world of sheep? We as a population have allowed a select group of self appointed dictators to take away our rights and common sense. How have so few wolves managed to control such a large flock? No one will stand with their neighbors, except to film on their phone what is happening. Europe should be pounding Russia out of Ukraine and back to Russia. Why do they allow this? They allow it because the wolves seek power. Money and power are the reason that Ukraine will suffer. The wolves, who have suckled at the teat of mother Russia and it oligarchs, need the money and power of Russian energy and trade. They do not want to lose the stranglehold on the population by allowing anyone other than those who bring them profit to exist. We as a population of the world must fight these wolves in our communities and restore our individual liberties. How did Nazism flourish? You are watching it unfold right before your eyes. Be a sheep no more! Become a sheep dog and deal the wolves a heavy blow! Sheep stand inline at the slaughter waiting their turn to die. I choose to follow a different path!! All free nations should be attacking these bullies of the world and demanding a cessation to hostilities immediately! Be safe, Be Alert and Be Dangerous! These will be trying times and only the strong will survive!

Words and Rhythm

I have a problem. Maybe that is a little harsh, I have an issue. Yeah that’s better! Being of a mind to seek escape in language I was always drawn to music. I sang in a talent show in 1st Grade. Every song I have ever heard is stuck in my head. I can hear the first chords and fall right into the lyrics. Drives my wife crazy on road trips! All musical genres are exposed to this recall. I find joy in the rhythmic rhyme of music’s storytelling. Opera, Rap, Rock and Roll, Metal all trapped in a deep recess of my mind, waiting for the chords to strike. See not a problem, more of an issue! Words and rhythm, freedom of expression and talent! Sing as if no one is watching!!

Without Emotion

I have been described as cold, callous and without emotion. Fairly accurate but not entirely true. I have the ability to feel and emote. I do not however allow emotions to dictate my response. I was raised to take the facts as they come , apply common sense and make a decision. In a crisis or critical situation you cannot allow emotions to rule the day. The facts are there and based only on those facts I make a decision. I see no point in considering how others may feel, how it is perceived. If the car has to be moved to save Timmy, then let’s move the car! I know that the dog may die but the man is the goal. To many decisions are made today by soft, emotional men that are to long in the making and ineffective when applied. Be accurate and emotionless in your decisions. Empathy and regret are not hallmarks of a great leader. Rapid response and application of decisive action are what we want to aspire too. I have emotions, I care about people, the logical decision making process does not allow for this to interfere in a swift resolution of a problem.

Tis the Season…Call your buddies!!

As we began the week leading up to Christmas and New Years take a minute and check in. Do a buddy check! Call, text, drive up the driveway and say hello. These holidays can lead to inadvertent and self imposed isolation. Make sure and keep your buddies in your plans and stay in contact if they decline an invitation. New Years Eve fireworks and celebration can be extremely difficult as the sounds can be a trigger for repressed emotions and memories. Don’t be overly intrusive but just make sure they know you got their six of they reach out.

We sleep peaceful in our homes because rough men stand ready to do violence on our behalf. Let’s honor thier courage by keeping an eye on the ones who stood for us and may be on the verge of falling down!!