Whipping Boy….

As society spirals towards the inevitable solution of tyranny and socialism, there must be a whipping boy. The whipping boy bore the brunt of the misbehavior of his aristocratic master. Since being of royal blood he could not be punished the whipping boy stood in for the misdeeds of his master. In today’s society free thinkers and patriots are the whipping boys. As we question the edicts of the self appointed aristocracy every ill upon the subjects is our fault. Your car won’t start, conspirators! You can’t get the new TV you want, conspirators! As society no longer accepts the premise that they are responsible for their own actions, someone must be held accountable for the loathsome existence they find themselves in. While accepting punishment for the crimes or failure of others is difficult, wear those stripes as a badge of honor. Never waiver from free thought and the independent spirit of a free people. In due time the weight of society will collapse and the free independent individual will prevail. Sleep soundly with a clear conscience that you have done no harm and have done your best to educate and care for others. You can only beat a dog so many times before you get bit!

Despotic Rule

America was established by rugged, free individualist. A people United to the cause of their own individual freedoms. These were people who were looking for a life free of an elite ruling class determining their individual destiny. The America of today has fallen. We no longer live in a free society. We have stood idly by and watched evil men do evil upon us. We now face the imposition of Corporate and governmental over reach. The current despot in chief has mandated that corporations and government will determine your destiny. The transformation of our republic to a socialist society is happening now. Where are the minutemen? Where are the intellectuals? Where are the good men? Have we become so dumbed down we can no longer stand on our own? Have we become so lazy we are unwilling to take action against our own demise? The rugged individualism that created this country has died. It went without a tear or eulogy. The time has come to regain this trait that is unique to The United States of America. The time for good men to stand idly by has passed. We must use the freedoms we are granted from God to turn the tide of suffering and despotism yet to come. Go to every meeting, run for every seat, write and speak the truth. Use the law and constitution as your shield and sword. Use the very freedom they repress to fight the deluge of insanity currently taking place. Arise minutemen! Use the modern musket of language, laws and freedom. Make these leftists earn every inch they gain. Fight in the courts, the elections and on the phones. We can no longer sit idly by and do nothing as we continue to be beaten down as subjects instead of a rugged, free individual!


2,977 Americans Killed and Over 6000 wounded. Twenty years later an incompetent and inept government led by the Democratic Party has made the sacrifice moot! These innocent victims were slaughtered by a theocracy that has no value in human life. They now control all we removed and have, by aid of the Democratic Party, invaded the United States through a wide open southern border and an unvetted Afghanistan population brought here. Always remember these lives were lost to a militant religious sect. These lives were lost because we are free. The current administration sees no value in your freedom as it takes away from their power. The unity of 9-12 must be reestablished if we are ever to honor these fallen Americans! Stay safe and stay free! Pray for the fallen and honor their lives by maintaining the freedom of this republic! God Bless America! May God once again shed his grace on these shores!’


As we see the ever increasing threats to our individual freedoms and supply chain disruption, we should become wolves. The wolf has long been revered as a symbol of power. The wolf mates for life, lives and works as a member of a community and knows his place in the hierarchy. They are fearful of men and strive to live within the means of their territory. They are powerful survivors, hunters and protectors of the pack. The sheepdog is reactionary he responds to the threat. The wolf he is proactive on patrol and aware of his surroundings. The wolf protects his pack even at the cost of his own life. The sheepdog does the same, however he waits for a threat to appear. While the wolf is displayed in modern western folk lore as a vagabond and thief, he is actually a benefit to his environment. The wolf culls the weak and sick and takes no more than he needs. Let’s adapt these positive traits and utilize what the wolf can teach us. Be aware of our territory, patrol and identify threats to our pack and be willing like the sheepdog to protect those in our pack.

When a wolf pack moves the weakest and slowest lead the pack. The strongest and fastest are in the rear and on the sides to protect the weak. This prevents anyone being left behind. Sheepdogs are protectors in times of crisis. Wolves proactively hunt the threat to eliminate it before a crisis occurs! Be Safe and Vigilant; as Bob Dylan said: “The times they are a changing”

Till Valhalla

Yesterday 12 warriors crossed to the other side. We should not weep for their death as it was the path they chose. These warriors took an oath not to the Constitution, but to each other. This oath is unspoken, established through trials and death. This is an oath to defend each other, to honor the fallen and leave no man behind. Weep not for the warrior, he has fallen. Weep with his family so he is not forgotten. Semper Fi! Till we meet again in Valhalla rest easy warrior we have the watch!

We sleep in peace at night because rough men stand ready to do violence on our behalf.

We should honor their courage, honor and sacrifice by defending our Country. We should be ashamed for what we have allowed to take place here today!

Friday … Do a buddy check!!

Friday has arrived and the work week has ended. Time to relax! The news cycle will continue. Take a break, enjoy your family and relax. If you know a veteran do a buddy check. The price of freedom has a cost that may not be visible. Sometimes you just need someone to listen to what you are feeling! the events in Afghanistan can trigger emotions that have been repressed for a long time. Reach out and just check in.

Some one stands alone on a wall every night to ensure your Freedom. These are strong willed and motivated individuals. They stand for you, take a moment to sit with them!!

God Bless our Troops! Especially our Snipers!

The Death of Violent Men

Learned today that a good friend passed away last night. He was a good man! A good man is not a gentle man, he is a man who curbs his preponderance for violence. The need to at times use violence to end a threat is an art that is fleeting in today’s society. While violence is not the answer to most problems, sometimes it is. Sometimes it is the confidence of knowing that if kind words fail, that your ability and courage will ultimately prevail. Knowing when and how to be violent to eliminate a threat is an art. Time, blood and sweat are the tuition necessary to attend this school. My friend was a master of the art of violence. Willing to intervene and run to the gunfire and smoke. As we lay these men of the martial way to rest; the art is fading. We all sleep peacefully in our beds because rough men stand ready to do violence on our behalf. May God Bless the Sheepdogs! May we always respect those who came before and honor their memories by living the martial way! Rest In Peace my Friend we have the Watch!!

The Sheepdog

Many people ask about the sheepdog. What does it mean? Why is that a reference? The meaning of a Sheepdog is a person who stands ready to defend the sheep from the wolves. See the sheep know the wolf exist, but choose to ignore him. They feel that if they just ignore the fact that he will deal violence on them he will go away. The wolf knowing that out of fear the sheep allow him to prey at will goes about his business of killing and surviving on the weak. The Sheepdog scares the sheep. He looks a lot like a wolf dirty, hairy and violent. They wish he would just go away. The sheepdog accepts the feelings of the sheep; as he has taken a pledge to defend them from the wolf and themselves. He will ensure their safety in spite of their judgements of him. We should all live together and protect each other without judgement. We must all acknowledge the fact that the wolf and his ilk will continue to prey on those who choose to deny his existence. We must all be sheepdogs!