Our Democracy…More yours than mine!

The radical, now mainstream, left keeps referring to our system of governance as Our Democracy. When did we become a democracy? America, which they despise, is a Republic, we elect representatives. A democracy, is the rule of the mob. A republic is defined in our Constitution, we elect based on population a person to represent our views, needs and ensure we have a voice. As we have long departed from this system, and are now represented by a party, I hope we can demolish this idea of our democracy, and restore this great republic to its original intent and hold these representatives accountable for their allegiance not to this Constitutional Republic, but to the benefit of the party. God Bless America, a Representative Republic, established for the People and by the People. There is no place in America for your democracy!

The Mask Removed

As the left releases its masked marauders on the citizen to terrorize and persecute those of differing views it reveals their real identity. The mask is off, the genocidal, racist that proclaim the rights of the downtrodden are melting down. The fact that the Constitution, the rule and law of the land has taken control from them and given it back to the citizen is unbearable. The mask is removed it will be a summer of violence and government supported outrage against the American. While they have held citizens in jail for over a year , they will simply say that these people only want their rights restored, no arrest, no trial. Local elected affiliates will stand idly by while innocent people are beaten and killed. Stand firm as these things evolve. Find a group and build a network to ensure safe passage as you move about your daily life. The evil is revealed and they know that hiding is now pointless. Be safe, be aware and if necessary be dangerous!

Secure in your Person and Property

As we see the fervor spewing forth about gun control. Remember this is the Second most important right in our Constitution. Why you ask? The right to keep and bear arms was placed in that position by our founders to ensure the rugged individual American was secure in his person and property. While the security of the constitution,the rule and law of the land was included in the original intent. The real reason was the sovereignty of the individual. The free people upholding their own security from threats both foreign and domestic was paramount. See America is not a mob, it is a group of rugged individuals bound together by the desire for independence and freedom. The gun, once a revered and respected tool, was the key to securing it. The control they seek is not a cessation of the mob violence they promote, it is the removal of the only tool given to ensure your safety and security in your person and property. Be vigilant and strong in your fight to preserve the right to be independent, and never live under the boot of tyranny and fear!!

Keyboard Commandos…

I have a friend who is dealing with an irrational customer at their business. As usual the comments on social media escalate to the inference of violence. I find these people to be abhorrent and ignorant. The distance that a social media platform allows these people is what makes them brave. Freedom of speech is an awesome right. I do not discourage a contentious debate, nor the rhetoric that accompanies it. Rhetoric however,without facts, based purely on emotion is a hollow shell of the First Amendment. We as a free people have the right to utter whatever word comes to mind. We must understand however that these words have repercussions. The keyboard commando feels that his anonymity allows him to speak without consequence. Hidden behind a made up screen name, behind the firewall of a VPN, they lurk as shadows injecting disinformation and rallying violence. We must not infringe free speech because of these people, we must embrace it and through debate and knowledge show them for the cowards and eavesdroppers they are. Stand firm against the trolls, eventually they will be brought from under the bridge into the light of day, trembling in fear for all they have said. Beware Keyboard Commandos, the end will come and you will be held to account for the repercussions of your God given right to speak freely!

Freedom of Speech

As we edge closer to the implementation of socialism in the country that was America, the government has decided that it will ensure compliance with its chosen message. The Department of Homeland Security, will be implementing the new bureau of disinformation. Disinformation, one should ponder that those who must be held accountable by the citizens have found a way to silence dissent. By labeling any narrative that is in conflict with their actions as disinformation and enforcing compliance through a federal agency that targets terrorist they will minimize dissent and silence the weak. They strive to convince our children that Americans are racist, and worse. That freedom is accepting whatever the elected official espouses without accountability. We few left that are Americans must stand firm in our endeavor to ensure freedom lives. Be not afraid of repercussions and threats, stand firm as a patriot ensuring that the once great America rises again as a beacon of hope and prosperity for the weak and downtrodden. Let us raise our voice in defiance of tyranny and stand as a Free people willing to defy censorship and propaganda. Be American, it may be the last chance to show the world what freedom truly is!


Today finds me in a recollective state of mind. As I am sitting outside watching my dog Gunny play with a stick and roll in the sunshine on a cold afternoon, I find myself reflecting on what is lost. We have been given a choice. Think for yourself or succumb to the collective. The most precious gift given to the human being is free thought and expression. We have the ability to create and learn whatever we want or can imagine. In today’s world the mob of wokeness wants no part of that. In today’s world you are not supposed to think any idea outside of the collective mob. No expression of art, literature or ideas that conflict with a totalitarian agenda. I write lyrics, poems that may be of no value to anyone but me. It is a cathartic action that allows me to express my thoughts, demons and ideas. In today’s world we have been censored, maligned and persecuted for expressing any information or idea outside the propaganda of the mob. Why have we allowed this to happen? What value is there in eliminating a dissenting voice? Feelings? Emotional response? This is not a valid reason! The fact that an idea creates a feeling or emotion is the intent of the expression. The desire to prove or invalidate the idea is why we express them. Are there ideas that I disagree with? Absolutely. However rather than silence the voice I research and find if it is valid. I accept that your view is different from mine; and if it is a good enough topic, we can discuss it over a fine cigar and proper bourbon. We may not disagree but the dialogue will allow us to walk away either more knowledgeable of a subject or agreeing to disagree. Let’s bring back the free thinkers, the manipulation of words and ideas. Let’s allow us to return to the days of true freedom in our thoughts, expressions and decisions. Let us become a free nation once more unencumbered by the need for acceptance by the mob who limp along like sheep to shearing shed!

Constitution Day

Today is Constitution Day. A day to honor our most sacred Relic. As the founding document and rule of law of our country, it is more important than any other document. We request our elected officials to affirm they will uphold and defend this document. The military swears to defend the Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic. It is the Constitution that defines our Republic. It is the document that reigns in an overreaching government. The Constitution does not list what rights the government grants, it outlines the rights they cannot constrain. As we see the ever increasing influence of socialism into the Democratic Party; and their constant pressure to stifle any dissenting voice, when will the people who have sworn before God to defend the Constitution stand. When will the people; who through deceit and subterfuge defile the Constitution, be held accountable. We must honor the most sacred document and ensure it is preserved as the rule of law for our future generations.

Despotic Rule

America was established by rugged, free individualist. A people United to the cause of their own individual freedoms. These were people who were looking for a life free of an elite ruling class determining their individual destiny. The America of today has fallen. We no longer live in a free society. We have stood idly by and watched evil men do evil upon us. We now face the imposition of Corporate and governmental over reach. The current despot in chief has mandated that corporations and government will determine your destiny. The transformation of our republic to a socialist society is happening now. Where are the minutemen? Where are the intellectuals? Where are the good men? Have we become so dumbed down we can no longer stand on our own? Have we become so lazy we are unwilling to take action against our own demise? The rugged individualism that created this country has died. It went without a tear or eulogy. The time has come to regain this trait that is unique to The United States of America. The time for good men to stand idly by has passed. We must use the freedoms we are granted from God to turn the tide of suffering and despotism yet to come. Go to every meeting, run for every seat, write and speak the truth. Use the law and constitution as your shield and sword. Use the very freedom they repress to fight the deluge of insanity currently taking place. Arise minutemen! Use the modern musket of language, laws and freedom. Make these leftists earn every inch they gain. Fight in the courts, the elections and on the phones. We can no longer sit idly by and do nothing as we continue to be beaten down as subjects instead of a rugged, free individual!


We hold these truths to be self evident. Fairly concise statement. What is truth? The accurate and unbiased disclosure of a fact, is the truth. The world today is filled with facts, numbers and experts. Most information we receive is not accurate or unbiased. Most of the information disseminated on a majority of the platforms is hyperbolic, inaccurate and heavily biased. Self Evident means that the individual through logic and classical education knows the truth. it is up to us to ensure the facts are given truthfully. The individual is responsible for holding accountable any individual who speaks a non truth. The censorship taking place in this country does not allow for a dissenting voice contrary to the propaganda. We each must be that voice. We each must be accurate and unbiased in our discussions and interactions. We each are the voice of Freedom, Justice and the American way. Hold the line, be brave and above all else be the Truth!

What Should Be

As we go through the grind of everyday life we don’t think about what we should be. As we work, shop and relax our freedom appears intact. We come and go as we please, we see the people we want to see and buy the things we work to acquire. Each day we live our lives. We should be asking what should our Freedom be? What small sliver of our freedom was stolen today? What aspect of our lives does the government now control? The inclusion in everyday society should not be allowed with caveats. We should not have to follow the directive of a dictatorial elected official, a mandate or the will of a mob. What it should be is the right to be a rugged, free individuals living the life they decide to live.