As we see the slow deliberate loss of our influence in Afghanistan, we must reflect on the choices we have. The Afghani people were given the opportunity of freedom. They were shown the path to be a free independent people. Due to cultural inability to separate theology from government they failed. These are not a weak people, they have defended their country and way of life from invaders internally and externally for thousands of years. Why we look with sadness at the fall of this country back into a theocratic society under the harsh rule of Islam. It is the choice of the people. They were trained and equipped to stand for freedom against a theocratic rule and instead allowed the militant arm of the theocracy to prevail. We face a similar situation here. Instead of a theocratic enemy we have an enemy of ideology. The slow onset of ideas that go against the overall freedom of a people to be self reliant and governed by individuals that represent them has allowed our individual rights to be taken away one small bite at a time. Freedom is a participation sport, be involved or be a subject.

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