Buddy Check!!

As we prepare for the kick off of summer, let us not forget the true meaning of this holiday weekend! This upcoming holiday is a moment of reflection for us, the beneficiaries of someone else’s sacrifice. Why honoring the fallen don’t forget the survivors. If you know of someone struggling, alone and down, pick up a phone and send them an invitation to spend some time with your family and friends! The invitation alone may save a life! Honor the fallen, but never forget the survivors!

We Sleep peacefully in our beds because rough men stand ready to do violence on our behalf!! Be a buddy and check in on the sheepdogs!

Rest your Mind

Sunday in my home is a day of activity. To say my work week starts on Monday is a laughable statement. However, with what is happening in the world, I have taken a couple of days to unplug and rest my mind. As we no longer reside near the ocean we seek refuge beside the pool. Yesterday and today were spent seeking revitalization through sun, beer and the frivolity of the local pub. Today will be a pool day and cookout. When all of these relaxing activities are over it will be a mad dash back out on the road. Packing and preparing for a week of working away. Till this is over I am taking advantage of the rest and removal of the decline of our economy and country. Take a moment to rest your mind and seek rejuvenation in doing absolutely nothing. Even a sheepdog needs a break! Rest your mind and find a place to detach from the chaos and regain a little of yourself. As always be safe, be alert and if needed be dangerous!!

Sheepdogs? Now more than ever!

There is a conflict coming. A battle for the will of a country. This will be both a psychological battle and an opportunity for violence to instill fear. We must all stand firm and defend the weak, ourselves and the institution of Freedom. Be a positive role model for those around you. Be vigilant in your surroundings. My family practices the 3 A’s. Attentive, Alert and Alive. If you must go into crowds and public space be aware of your surroundings and the responses of those around you. Be willing and of the mindset to protect those around you and yourself. We will see an escalation of these terrorist tactics to strip us of our freedom and rights. Be aware, be safe and should the need arise be dangerous! As sheepdogs we sit idly by till the wolf attacks, we know he is there circling the weak. Only when he shows his intentions do we react. It more important now than ever to be prepared and competent to protect those in your flock, be a sheepdog!

Thoughts and Moments of Clarity

As we move through our day, interacting with people, we realize everything is simple. Each person, separate from the collective radicals, wants the same thing. Most people irregardless of race, age or any of the other dividers the elite claim we prescribe to want the same things. Peace, Love and safety. Peace not in a world sense, but inner peace, having peace within one’s own mind. Love, not necessarily physical, but love from friends, family and neighbors. Acceptance of themselves as themselves. Safety, not just security, but safety in their homes, person and identity. Being allowed to live, work and live free from oppression and compulsory behavior. Safe in being human! As we slide deeper into infinite control of our words, actions and deeds, we face the fact that there will be no peace. We will be berated to comply endlessly removing the peace of living. There will be no love as friends, family and neighbors turn against each other. There will be no safety as the government increases its demands for compliance and starts to enforce control. No safety to be human, no safety in being alive. We must endeavor to ensure our rights of being a human are kept alive and not stripped by the will of the mob. Speak your mind and find peace in thoughts of freedom and moments of clarity.

Freedom of Speech

As we edge closer to the implementation of socialism in the country that was America, the government has decided that it will ensure compliance with its chosen message. The Department of Homeland Security, will be implementing the new bureau of disinformation. Disinformation, one should ponder that those who must be held accountable by the citizens have found a way to silence dissent. By labeling any narrative that is in conflict with their actions as disinformation and enforcing compliance through a federal agency that targets terrorist they will minimize dissent and silence the weak. They strive to convince our children that Americans are racist, and worse. That freedom is accepting whatever the elected official espouses without accountability. We few left that are Americans must stand firm in our endeavor to ensure freedom lives. Be not afraid of repercussions and threats, stand firm as a patriot ensuring that the once great America rises again as a beacon of hope and prosperity for the weak and downtrodden. Let us raise our voice in defiance of tyranny and stand as a Free people willing to defy censorship and propaganda. Be American, it may be the last chance to show the world what freedom truly is!

Talk To Me a Moment

Talk to me a moment when you see that my eyes are dead

Talk to me a moment when you see the scars and damage where I bled

Talk to me a moment if you care to understand my past

Talk to me a moment when you have heard a breath and known it was the last

Talk to me a moment when you gave all you had to give

Talk to me a moment when your life is for the fallen so their memory might live

Talk to me a moment when you know the blood and treasure was spent for naught

Talk to me a moment when you realize my sacrifice was lost

I wrote this after speaking to a lifetime friend. A kind man of the martial way. This man did 3 Tours in Vietnam as a United States Marine. He spoke rarely of his experiences. As he aged you could see the weight of the conflict he endured. Not the combat, the conflict of lost friends and forgotten sacrifice. The conflict of being a Marine, doing his job, and then being forgotten. The fact is we now have another 20 year war behind us with a new batch of Military experiencing the same feelings. We should always take a moment to talk. You never know how deep into that tunnel they have crawled, and a kind moment may show that the light at the end is not a train. Semper Fi my friend and welcome home!

Long Days and Hard Times

Another tough week behind me! Many miles behind a windshield, with moments of labor in between. I have traveled to Northern VA, Eastern NC from my home. Day trips to distant destinations. While tiring, I get to see the effects of the current situation. Supply chain issues are real! Limited stock is everywhere. Simple things you take for granted can’t be found. Necessities are now starting to become scarce as well. Long days afford me the opportunity to see beyond my domain and gain a clarified view of the situation that is developing. If you need it you better get it. A long hard day of labor is even longer if you are hungry. Take a ride outside of your domain and see what is really happening to our Home!

The Frivolity of Youth

I have not blogged in awhile as I have been in a large amount of pain from the frivolity of youth. I had a Motto as a young man: “Better to die knowing than to live wondering!” This was the third party decision maker. When the Devil on the left and commons sense on the right differed in their opinion. This phrase was the tie breaker. Surf a Hurricane? Yep! Race a motorcycle? Yep! These two specifically and numerous other ideas have damaged my spine. Well now I know! Numerous broken vertebrae and many years of hard labor are starting to take the toll. Until last week I had no use of my arm or hand. Numb hand and pain in my back that would lay me down. So now we know. While I have been recuperating; and receiving treatment to mitigate the damage; I had time to think about what life experience has done to my body. There is a chance of paralysis, loss of motor skills in my hand and even death. While these are a grim reminder of the consequences of a life of adventure, they simply reinforce the truthfulness of the tie breaker. By never missing an experience or adventure, I have lived a life of knowing! As death is the only guarantee of living, I have lived a life without fear of death and have no remorse of the places i have been or the effects of the injuries sustained. These last few months have been difficult, but every hard day was a day closer to alleviate the pain and debilitation of a life well lived! Drink one for the frivolity of youth! It made us who we are today!!

I Want To

I want to be prepared. I want to be safe. I want to ensure the survival of my family. I want these things at no cost. No expenditure of thought, money or effort. I want to be ready and able. These are the things I hear.

If you want to, then do! The greatest obstacle to satisfying the want to is the response of “This is to hard”. To say I did it, to be able to go from I want to, to I did it; is the expenditure of thought, monetary outlay and physical exertion.

If you want to? If you really want to, you will.