As we see the ever increasing threats to our individual freedoms and supply chain disruption, we should become wolves. The wolf has long been revered as a symbol of power. The wolf mates for life, lives and works as a member of a community and knows his place in the hierarchy. They are fearful of men and strive to live within the means of their territory. They are powerful survivors, hunters and protectors of the pack. The sheepdog is reactionary he responds to the threat. The wolf he is proactive on patrol and aware of his surroundings. The wolf protects his pack even at the cost of his own life. The sheepdog does the same, however he waits for a threat to appear. While the wolf is displayed in modern western folk lore as a vagabond and thief, he is actually a benefit to his environment. The wolf culls the weak and sick and takes no more than he needs. Let’s adapt these positive traits and utilize what the wolf can teach us. Be aware of our territory, patrol and identify threats to our pack and be willing like the sheepdog to protect those in our pack.

When a wolf pack moves the weakest and slowest lead the pack. The strongest and fastest are in the rear and on the sides to protect the weak. This prevents anyone being left behind. Sheepdogs are protectors in times of crisis. Wolves proactively hunt the threat to eliminate it before a crisis occurs! Be Safe and Vigilant; as Bob Dylan said: “The times they are a changing”

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