September 11 2001

Where were you at 8:46 am on September 11th 2001. Where were your friends, family and first responders. I was at work in an office watching what I could not believe. The planes hit the towers I have no one there so the tragedy is not a reality for me. Then I get word about the Pentagon, now it’s real. Not just friends and acquaintances but my people. See everyone has a people, a person that you are connected to. Like twins you can feel the pain, the fear and the fight for life. Well my people was at the pentagon, consulting for the government. I hit the cellular, system down, not good! I hit the landline one ring, two then I hear the sound I was hoping for. I hear in a strong scared voice the only person who mattered at that moment. My people answered! They were inside and being evacuated, I hung up with a resolution that it still may be the last words. I call her parents give an update. I call back one ring, stressed voice, they are moving out on foot to Crystal City! Call the parents! Call back again one ring! My people were safe for now! All that fear, anxiety and worry! During the entire day my people could only get calls from me and my landline. 20 years and it still seems like today! My people and I are connected somehow we each know when the other just needs a call! We always answer and always listen to the problem the other people are going through! Some say it is psychic or in my case psychotic, but we always know when we need to talk. If you have a people reach out and make sure they are good to go! I will be calling my people tomorrow to make sure she is safe. She is and always has been there no matter what for me and I am glad on that day of all days I could keep her calm and focused till she was safe! Always remember and never forget!

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