An End is not the pre cursor to a beginning!

Unless you are one of those people who read the last page of a book first, the end is not the beginning. As this year ends, it does not show the promise of a new chapter. The constant division of the population will continue. The threats to your livelihoods, freedom and individualism will continue. The ever increasing cost and limited availability of common goods will worsen. There may be a new year new me, however there will be a new calendar page with the same storyline. The subjugation will continue and the story will advance at the same plodding pace as 2021. Embrace the constant assault of your rights and the divisiveness of the woke mob. Use the days before the new year to steel your nerves and prepare for the continuing misery of 2021. Happy New Year! May the new year find you stronger and better prepared for the continuing saga of a country slowly falling into a self induced decline.

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