After a gunfight at a creek,between Wyatt Earp and the Cowboys, Doc Holliday weak and coughing was asked why he was there? He stated that Wyatt Earp was his friend. The inquisitor stated he had lots of friends, to which Holliday replied I Don’t! I have many acquaintances very few friends. If we were to count dogs I would have a million. People however I have few. Some are lifelong and some are newly acquired. However some are so important they engage in a conversation so easily that it seems they are always there. My best friend and I have a bond that at times seems as if our psyche is intertwined, need arises, feelings are hurt or just plain stressed out, text appears or phone will ring. No need to reach out just a disturbance of the aura and we both know. Friends are very important but not just anyone makes the cut. I do not have friends for their benefit to me or because they are popular. I have few friends and these are people who are of a character and intellect that makes my day better. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. If you have a friend reach out and just say hi.

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