Division Amongst the Subjugated

So I engage rarely with any form of media. The left is biased as is the right. However an article was sent to me that contained a few pieces of information. As I am unwilling to promote chaos I will not be disseminating the content. The goal of the government is to gain total control of the people and resources of this country. It is my opinion that the mandates and regulations imposed during the pandemic were merely a conditioning. The corrupt officials found a way to turn neighbor against neighbor and brother against brother. These policies placed a division within the population. Beyond the overly emphasized race, sex, and gender divides, these policies placed a barrier of implied safety. By instilling fear and anxiety amongst the subjects they created yet another divisive class. The free and independent American against the groveling and manipulated class. The free independent individual is terrifying to the bureaucrat. Failure to fall in line and not ask questions forces them to provide data and answers for questions and facts. The article I was sent suggested that there will be an uprising of individuals who question the current mantra of stand in line, look straight ahead and do what your told. This is done to create further distrust of the rugged individualism that is America. The subjects that follow along and ride in cars alone with a mask, will now be looking for a reason to report those who dare stand up to the societal norms. Going deer hunting, becomes my neighbor left the house in camouflage with a gun, to the local see something say something number. Be mindful of what you say and do as there are those among us who fear having nothing to fear. The dependency on the nanny state drives these individuals to ensure its survival at the loss of their own freedom. Let us not be led astray from the path of Freedom, let us not betray our beliefs and way of life. Let us not fall into the trap of provocation. Be aware and stay informed! They intend to divide us as we can only be conquered from within!!

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